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What is The Right Timeline When Deciding to Be a Surrogate?

Posted on : August 29, 2018
If you are thinking about beginning your U.S. surrogacy journey by selecting a woman to carry your child, it is important to think about your timeline and your expectations before moving forward with this process. Ideally, 18 months is a great benchmark for the duration of your journey in the United States. This timing begins […]

Six Steps To Surrogacy: What You Need To Know

Posted on : July 23, 2018
Steps To Surrogacy
Have you recently decided with your partner that you intend to use a surrogate to grow your family? You need to understand what is involved in the surrogacy process, step by step, in order to feel comfortable. The first stage of the six-step process is to determine whether or not surrogacy is the right choice. […]

Making the Decision Between Surrogacy and Adoption

Posted on : June 12, 2018
Surrogate Mothers
Growing a family is filled with emotional decisions and ones that may be extremely difficult to arrive at, but weighing the options between surrogacy and adoption can present a myriad of opportunities that may make it seem overwhelming as you move forward to make a decision. It can take some time to arrive at a […]

What To Consider When Selecting A Surrogate Mother

Posted on : March 29, 2018
You need a surrogacy lawyer you can count on.
Are you thinking about going the route of surrogacy? This can be a tremendous blessing and a time filled with nerves, but the selection of the right surrogate mother is crucial for a positive relationship moving forward. Make sure to follow these steps to choose the proper person to work with when surrogacy is an […]

The Two-Part Legal Process For Surrogacy In Indiana

Posted on : February 28, 2018
Legal Process For Surrogacy in Indiana
[NOTE:  Surrogate Mothers, Inc. does not provide legal advice.  You should consult with an attorney if you have questions about the legal aspect of surrogacy in Indiana] When engaging in a surrogacy arrangement, you need to consider the two distinct parts of a legal process. These are known as the enforceability of the contract and the parentage […]