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Top 5 Tips for Surrogate Mothers During Pregnancy

Posted on : March 20, 2020
Staying healthy during surrogacy is important for both mothers and babies. Here are 5 tips for surrogates to keep the pregnancy as smooth as possible.  1. Follow Doctor’s Orders    Surrogate mothers typically see their obstetricians more often than the average pregnant woman. When complex procedures like in-vitro fertilization are used, it becomes necessary for […]

What Is Single Parent Surrogacy?

Posted on : January 21, 2020
Surrogacy Screening
Surrogacy is a viable option for many individuals to grow their family when traditional conception isn’t possible or desirable. For some single parents, surrogacy is preferable to conception or starting a family with another person. Here’s what you need to know.  Single Parent Surrogacy: What Is It?    A single parent surrogacy is when one […]

Who Uses A Surrogate Mother?

Posted on : October 14, 2019
Using A Surrogate Mother A surrogate mother is a woman who carries a pregnancy to term for another. Who uses surrogates and why? Do you need an attorney to hire or become a surrogate mother? Here’s what you should know. Infertile Couples The most common consumer of surrogacy services are infertile couples. They may be […]

Can I Finance a Surrogate Pregnancy?

Posted on : July 10, 2019
Surrogacy is an experience that requires you to be flexible on all fronts, including financially. It’s critical that intended parents understand the financial ramifications of surrogate pregnancy; after all, Bankrate reports that gestational surrogacy can cost as much as $120,000 (although at SMI, your total–all-inclusive–cost for embryo transfer averages around $100,000). And, experts recommend that […]

What Is Gestational Surrogacy?

Posted on : May 29, 2019
The Surrogacy Journey If you or you and your partner are thinking about starting the surrogacy journey, it can be helpful to know the different options available to you. Knowing how each kind works can help you decide what you want in a surrogacy situation. Since this is such a personal decision, you should always […]