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Making the Decision Between Surrogacy and Adoption

Posted on : June 12, 2018
Surrogate Mothers
Growing a family is filled with emotional decisions and ones that may be extremely difficult to arrive at, but weighing the options between surrogacy and adoption can present a myriad of opportunities that may make it seem overwhelming as you move forward to make a decision. It can take some time to arrive at a […]

How to Avoid Common Issues with a Surrogacy Arrangement

Posted on : May 2, 2018
Avoid Surrogacy Issues
Things To Consider For Avoiding Surrogacy Arrangement Issues Anyone thinking about becoming or using a surrogate should educate themselves fully about the best way to approach the situation. Making mistake can add further emotions and challenges to an already high-stakes situation. It is important for surrogate mothers to schedule the consultation with an experience surrogacy […]

What To Consider When Selecting A Surrogate Mother

Posted on : March 29, 2018
You need a surrogacy lawyer you can count on.
Are you thinking about going the route of surrogacy? This can be a tremendous blessing and a time filled with nerves, but the selection of the right surrogate mother is crucial for a positive relationship moving forward. Make sure to follow these steps to choose the proper person to work with when surrogacy is an […]

The Two-Part Legal Process For Surrogacy In Indiana

Posted on : February 28, 2018
Legal Process For Surrogacy in Indiana
[NOTE:  Surrogate Mothers, Inc. does not provide legal advice.  You should consult with an attorney if you have questions about the legal aspect of surrogacy in Indiana] When engaging in a surrogacy arrangement, you need to consider the two distinct parts of a legal process. These are known as the enforceability of the contract and the parentage […]

What You Need to Know About Surrogacy Contracts

Posted on : January 19, 2018
learn more about surrogacy contracts
One of the most important pieces of a surrogacy process is the surrogacy contract. This guides the entire journey through surrogacy, clearly outlining each party’s roles, responsibilities and rights. This is critical for outlining what will happen before, during and after the pregnancy. If you avoid putting together a contract, you could get in trouble […]