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Etiquette When Finding a Surrogate Mother

Posted on : September 19, 2017
Surrogate Etiquette
If you’re a first time intended parent, the process of finding a surrogate mother can be confusing and overwhelming. Here are some simple tips on communicating with your potential surrogate. Start to foster the beginning of a great relationship should she choose to be your carrier. Always Be Open and Honest With Surrogates It’s important […]

What is an Open Surrogacy — And Should You Have One?

Posted on : August 5, 2017
Open Surrogacy
An open surrogacy is one of the most debated topics in the surrogate community today. It can be difficult for a family to choose whether they want an open surrogacy or a closed one. It truly is up to each of the intended parents and the woman chosen as their surrogate. Here’s what you should […]

How the Media Gets Surrogacy Wrong

Posted on : July 27, 2017
Surrogacy In the Media
Surrogacy is often depicted negatively in the media, mainly in the form of news stories when a surrogacy arrangement goes wrong. Unfortunately, the media frequently paints a disparaging picture of surrogacy without actually showing its reality. Here’s how media gets surrogacy wrong. The Media Misrepresents the Motives of Surrogate Mothers Often, news stories, movies, and […]

How Surrogate Mothers Are Screened & Prepared for Surrogacy

Posted on : June 1, 2017
Surrogacy Screening
Undoubtedly, surrogacy is a big commitment. Not only is it a physical commitment, it’s an emotional one as well. Intended parents want to be certain that their chosen surrogate is completely, 100% on board with becoming a surrogate and seeing the process through to the finish line. Here’s what you need to know about how […]

5 Tips for Choosing a Surrogate

Posted on : April 30, 2017
Tips for Choosing a Surrogate
Deciding to pursue surrogacy to grow your family is an exciting time. At the same time, choosing a surrogate mother to bring your child into this world can be an overwhelming task. Here are 5 simple tips for choosing a surrogate and how to get the help and support you need as you explore surrogacy […]